A Savage Perp Response

Mr. Andy Savage, You and your church appear to need help writing an appropriate sexual assault perpetrator response.  Your infuriating attempt to avoid responsibility perpetuates rape culture and fails at bringing about the healing you claim you want for your victim.  If you are truly sorry for your sins and really want to make a confession to your church, please…


I was twenty.  He invited me to a party.  He did not ask if I wanted to be raped. It should have been safe.  It my brother’s friend’s apartment. But it was not safe. They laughed and someone handed me an open can of beer. I took a few sips. Everything got fuzzy. I now knew…

Abuse 101: Offenders, Other Scary Men (People), Politics and other Stuff

Does Harvey Weinstein know it’s domestic violence awareness month? Because he’s given everyone a lot to talk about. Sexual Assault Awareness Month is in April but we can’t wait until April to address these predators. While the assaults, plural assaults, didn’t just occur, they have just recently come to light almost a year to date…

Teachable Moment – Rape

This is the post I hope inspires new readers to dispel rape myths and support victims of sexual assault.

Veil of Shame

Thank you Lord for freeing me from my enemies and releasing my tongue to share our journey. I pray for our sisters and brothers chained by shame. Please provide them a way out, help them see it and give them the courage to run for safety! Amen