#MeToo A Brave New Culture

A few years ago the trending domestic violence hashtag was #whyIstayed or #whyIleft in defense of domestic violence victims after the media released footage of a NFL wife violently punched yet she stayed in the relationship. What kind of woman stays in an abusive relationship? Brave. It takes courage to stay. It is not easy…

An Advocate’s Dream: Domestic Tranquility

It’s Domestic Violence Month. It would be an understatement and perhaps insensitive to say this month started with a bang. On the very first day of October, violence claimed lives in Vegas. This year, I’m going to use a broader meaning for domestic because violence isn’t just in the house or the bedroom or some…

DV Awareness Volunteers- Has the world changed?

Forgive me world. Does a volcano know when it is ready to explode? October is domestic violence awareness month so it’s time for my annual growl for justice. I’m ashamed to admit this is more of a quiet hiss – a sad, embarrassing testimony for all our raped brothers and sisters or domestic violence victims hiding…

My Journey 

Psalm 4:8

In peace I will lie down and sleep,

for you alone, Lord

make me dwell in safety.