Growl for Alabama

Today is another eve of my sanity.

In just a few hours, men and women in Alabama will leave their homes to vote for a new senator.

The news and my husband are trying to prepare me for another predicted fall of our Country’s morality under the veil of “religious liberty”.

Religious liberty doesn’t mean freedom of religion.  No, religious liberty isn’t for Muslims or Jews or even for regular Christians. Religious liberty has become the liberty to impose well-crafted “family values” on everyone else.

Religious liberty means forcing privately owned retail stores to say Merry Christmas.

Religious liberty means the right to deny women birth control.

Religious liberty means the authority to deny same-sex couples a marriage license, cake, flowers, pizza and from registering their children to attend a prejudice program not open to all children.

Religious liberty is not extended to people of color.  Their right to worship without being killed by a white supremacist is not protected by religious liberty.

Is Hate Christ’s new style?

How’s he look covered in swastikas?


No, I’m not thankful I’m a little more prepared for the outcome.

Last year white “Christian” women elected a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Tomorrow some of those same women will cast their ballot for a man who preyed upon young girls at the mall.

Apparently, religious liberty also includes raping women and children as long as the richest people in America get tax breaks. But there are absolutely no conditions in which same-sex consensual relationships are okay.


And a woman must carry her shame to term if rape by a religious liberal results in a rape child.

Does anyone care? It’s just another day in reality “shock” politics.

Just look away. Shrug your shoulders.

Not sure the pedophile is a good guy, just watch a 12-year-old girl interview the predator.  She says he’s okay so he must be okay.


I don’t live in Alabama so why should I care?

Because they hijacked my faith.  They kidnapped my God. And I can’t afford the ransom. I am so embarrassed to be part of this religion.

I am embarrassed to be Christian!

I am embarrassed to be a woman!

I am embarrassed to be white!

I am embarrassed to be an American!

And candidates in my State and in my county have made donations to these haters which means the hate isn’t just in Alabama.

Are children and women, especially little girls disposable?

These are their absolute best candidates?


There isn’t a single less corrupt GOP write-in candidate?

Public RANT over

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  1. The women in Alabama who support him call his accusers liars. How would that change if it were their children? And why does even become a question? I’ll join you in the rant.

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    1. Karen says:

      I agree! They call his accusers liars and are hostile to anyone that will say otherwise. Mean. Mean. Mean.

      I just don’t understand how any woman could support either of them. So baffled.

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      1. I’m pretty sure intelligence comes into the mix.

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