10,000 Voters Cheering


Thank You!

We ran an excellent race and crossed the line with over 10,000 voters cheering us on.

10,000 voters

My awesome team ran a courageous race.

Please take a moment to acknowledge my awesome team, their courage, strength and dedication.

We ran to give a voice to women and others whose safety and well-being are often overlooked.

10,000 voices needing a voice!

We raised awareness through our community forums on gun violence, substance abuse, mental health, education and women’s health and safety.

We raised our voices.

We raised 10,000 voices.

We talked about real issues with real solutions.

We never backed down.

We continued to run on a modest budget with holes in our shoes, broken bones, naysayers, and rain.

I broke my arm while meeting voters and finished my turf before going to get my arm fixed.

We never backed down.

We developed friendships, relationships and partnerships along the way.

We engaged in respectful dialog to heal relationships due to racial, gender and party tension.

We stopped to listen to, pray with and strengthen our neighbors.

We remained strong to the finish.

We are strong.

We have a presence.

I never planned to run for an elected office.

I am still not a politician.

I am an advocate with a broken wing who will continue to advocate for the least, the lost and the left out because when they succeed, we all succeed.

10,000 voices cheering to give us a voice!

I will not concede we couldn’t win or that it was impossible.

I remain hopeful and optimistic.

We needed 20,000 votes to win and got more than half in less than 9 months. Imagine our victory if we jumped in sooner.

As newbies to politics, we made a statement with over 5,000 new voters.

Our opponents’ win number remained the same.
We did a really good job! I am extremely proud of our team and our work.
I am a survivor. We survived.
We ran an excellent race and crossed the finish line with over 10,000 voters cheering us on.
Imagine what 10,000 voters will achieve together.

Thank You for your support, love, strength and courage.

I look forward to our next adventure.
In Solidarity,
Karen P. Simpson
Not a Politician

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