Looking for the Magic Bullet

I’m looking for the magic bullet that was the last bullet of  American carnage.

We need to stop the bloodshed of our fellow Americans.

The families and friends of over 640 victims killed by legally purchased guns wish the magic bullet was found before they lost their loved one to gun violence.

America wake up!  We can do something!

Below is a list of the “price of freedom” by white males with legally purchased guns.

Notice how many took place at a school or religious place with a legally purchased semi-automatic weapon.

If this is the “cost of freedom,”  tell us the price to implement reasonable regulations and safety laws.

Do gun owners really love their guns more than their families?

The 1st Amendment doesn’t allow anyone to yell fire in a crowded building,  so the  2nd shouldn’t allow someone to legally purchase a gun to kill everyone in a school, church or concert.

The 2nd Amendment was never intended to protect an individual’s right to outgun the police and military.

Let’s find that magic bullet that puts an end to the madness.

I believe it has already been fired.

#guncontrolNOW   #gunsense #DisarmHate

Mother Jones keeps a complete list of mass shootings.

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