33 Prayers to Election Day: Growl for Justice

Steadfast Judge,

Your hand saves,
Your ear hears.

Our sins keep us in shame,
hidden from your grace.

Our lips speak lies,

Our tongue mutters wickedness.

No one brings suit justly,
no one goes to law honestly;
we rely on empty pleas, speak lies,
conceive mischief and beget iniquity.

Deeds of violence,
our feet run to evil,
we shed innocent blood on our highways.

Show us the way of peace.

We are lost.

There is no justice.

Our roads are made crooked;
no one who walks them knows peace.

Justice is far from us.

Righteousness does not reach us.

We wait for light in darkness;
and for brightness, we walk in gloom.
We grope like the blind along a wall.

We stumble

We all growl like bears;
like doves we moan mournfully.
We wait for justice,
but there is none;
for salvation, but it is far from us.

Our transgressions are many,
our sins testify against us.

Justice turn back.

Put on your breastplate of righteousness
and helmet of salvation

Plant truth,
Nurture love.
Grow peace

Where is your tree of justice?

We desire her fruit.

Come Redeemer,
Wrap your Spirit upon us.
Put your words  in our mouth,

Now and Forever,


Isaiah 59

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