22 Prayers to Election Day: Trust

Sovereign Lord,   Thank you. Dankie. Ta.  Tak.  Toda.  Efharisto.  Trust.  Lord,  Thank you for all the trust you planted in my heart.  I do not rely on my own insight.  I acknowledge YOU!  Make straight our path.   Grazie.  Gracias.   Sukria. Asante. Xie  xie. Amen.  Proverbs 3:5-8

29 Prayers to Election Day: Justice for Victims of Predators

Honorable Advocate, Bring justice for your children. We cry out to you. Thank you for revealing the truth. You know what happens in the dark. Wipe away our shame and disgrace. Help us elect an advocate for violence’s wounded warriors. Reveal your truth. Motivate perpetrators to confess and repent. For the wounded. Grant justice. Amen…

The Trumptape: Silence is Assent

Originally posted on The Unexpected Pastor:
I have certainly heard the reprehensible attitudes expressed by Donald Trump and Billy Bush in their taped 2005 conversation. But not in any “locker room.” Mr. Trump and Mr. Bush echo the misogynistic mindset of many sexual offenders I dealt with when I was a probation officer. Inherent in…

32 Prayers to Election Day: Poor in Spirit

Giver of Blessings, Blessed are the spiritually poor, for their kingdom is heaven. Poverty of the Spirit weighs down children. Poverty of the Spirit incarcerates wisdom. Poverty of the Spirit is a wedge between neighbors. Help us realize the impact poverty has on our community. Inspire us to elect a leader who values the spiritually poor. Amen

33 Prayers to Election Day: Growl for Justice

Steadfast Judge, Your hand saves, Your ear hears. Our sins keep us in shame, hidden from your grace. Our lips speak lies, Our tongue mutters wickedness. No one brings suit justly, no one goes to law honestly; we rely on empty pleas, speak lies, conceive mischief and beget iniquity. Deeds of violence, our feet run to evil, we shed innocent blood on…

34 Prayers to Election Day: The Fool

What honor should we give a fool?

Only a fool hires a fool.

A fool like a dog returns to its vomit, repeats their foolishness.

Who elects a fool?

35 Prayers to Election Day : We the People

Abba, Your children rejoice when guided by the righteous. But they go into hiding when a wicked ruler comes to power. Like a roaring lion the wicked devour the helpless. Let us rejoice. Help we the people elect the one who will bless the weak, the helpless, the widow and orphan. Breakthrough our fears. When the…