The Trumptape: Silence is Assent

Lord let our voices be heard – let’s put an end to rape culture!

The Unexpected Pastor

BushTrump.jpgI have certainly heard the reprehensible attitudes expressed by Donald Trump and Billy Bush in their taped 2005 conversation.

But not in any “locker room.”

Mr. Trump and Mr. Bush echo the misogynistic mindset of many sexual offenders I dealt with when I was a probation officer. Inherent in the recorded dialogue is the idea that women really want men to assault them – to kiss them and grab them without consent – as well as the entitlement to women’s bodies fundamental to a male superiority mentality.

As a Christian and a pastor, my first response is repentance. I repent not because I have or have ever subscribed to an ethos that encourages or excuses such violent words and actions toward women, but because the church of which I am a part has actively and implicitly been a party to the minimization and marginalization of women’s roles and capabilities. Much of…

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