3 Prayers to Election Day: Our Constitution of Hope

Compassionate Ruler,

Thank you for your faithful constitution to guide us in our relationships with one another and you. We pray your principles of hope, love and forgiveness guide us through this election season.

Thank you for President Obama and his family. I owe them honor and respect for their leadership and care.

Bless all of our governing authorities. You give them authority and you are the ultimate authority.

Help me be your servant for good in the voting booth. I am blessed to live in America where I have a voice and a vote for the people who have authority over me and my children.

Provide me with the ability and opportunity to earn the income I need to pay everyone I owe including my taxes that pave the roads, educate, feed, clothe, house and nurse your children.

So many of your children are too poor to even rub two cents together.

I pray they remain in my heart in the voting booth.

Our governing authorities are your servants, who give their time to governing.

I pray I remember this in the voting booth.

You are a good and gracious Lord.


Romans 13:1-7

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