Nope. My Vagina’s Votin’ – Not a Gender Vote

Facebook is such a happy place during elections.  All the happy vacation photos turn to political rants that no one has the courage to express anywhere but Facebook.

The past few days has been gruesome with several male Facebook friends boldly posting how sad they are that a lot of women are voting their “gender”, not their convictions and not based on knowledge about who each candidate is today.

Does this mean men have voted with their penis since 1788? Is their gender voting for Trump? I wish elimg_20161108_100713ections were more like soccer matches where I could throw up a card to declare foul for the layers of sexist assumptions in their concerns but of course this would simply further the divide.

And since many of these posts end with a request to unfriend them if the reader is voting for Hillary, it is clear they are not seeking a dialogue.  Like my husband, I appreciate a diverse group of friends so this post will not end with an invitation to unfriend me.

Funny little side, I just went back to check a few of these posts to get the language right and the image of vagina voting caused me to spit my mocha latte all over my Hillary shirt  – oops! Hopefully that will make my Trump friends chuckle spilling something on their Trump shirts. Does that make us even? I think it means I should know better than read anti-Hillary or Obama posts with my mouth full.

Although none of these men asked me why I cast my vote for Hillary, I’d like to share the convictions and knowledge that went into my seventh Presidential election vote.

Historical Vote: First, it is important to defend my sisters and brothers who vote for Hillary strictly based on gender because just as some cast their vote for Obama based solely on race in 2008, it is a bold, noble and courageous historical vote.  A historical vote is a vote for our future, the future of our children – male and female. There isn’t the opportunity to make a historical vote in everyone’s lifetime, and I’ve had two in mine. But I’m not simply voting for a woman to lead our nation.

Disclaimer: I know Hillary is not perfect.  She has sinned. She falls short of the glory of God.  (Romans 3:23) I also confess, I do not know all of Hillary’s sins nor do I want to know all of her sins.  I know God will not call me to be a witness to Hillary or anyone elses’ sins. And for that I am forever grateful.

As an American, I know despite being investigated for most of her adult life, she has never been charged with or  convicted of any crime, and is innocent until proven guilty.

I hold Hillary no more or less accountable for Benghazi than I hold former Secretary of States during the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Pearl Harbor or any other attack on Americans.

Issues Vote: Four years is a long time especially in the life of a child, someone living in a toxic environment or with a physical or emotional illness, so I always cast my vote based on our most vulnerable citizens – the least, the lost and the left out. And what I find most impressive about Hillary is her support for people who probably will never be in a position to repay or even thank her for fighting for a better, safer and kinder America for the least, the lost and the left out.

During prior Presidential elections, while all candidates were qualified and cared about our vulnerable citizens, I voted for the candidate I believed had the best policies to give the most care to these people.

This election, I am voting for the only candidate that has expressed any interest in the following issues that are very important to me:

Ending Violence in our Homes and Community:  I am a survivor of child abuse, rape and domestic violence. I voted for Hillary because I know she will champion the programs that turns victims into survivors.

I am voting for Hillary to end the rape culture in our homes, college campuses and community.

Also Hillary  will also champion responsible gun control to end or least reduce violence.

Hillary can’t do it alone.  She needs our help and needs our vote.

Obamacare: My daughter was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Disease when she was 15. She requires infusion treatments every six weeks that cost between $14,000 and $40,000 each time. Thank you Lord for insurance.

I know Obamacare isn’t perfect, it’s flawed but Hillary will champion everyone having the right to the kind of insurance  that will not devastate a person or family if they become ill. Hillary will continue to give me the peace of mind that my daughter will be okay when she becomes too old to be on my insurance.

Hillary can’t do it alone.  She needs our help and needs our vote.

Pro-Life:  I am pro-life.  I believe life begins at conception. I am also pro-all-life for babies, people and families who need help. I believe if we are serious about pro-life we must be serious about sex education and birth control.

This is a complicated issue for me.  As with all issues, I’m a hypocrite. As I’ve previously posted, I terminated a tubal pregnancy.  The only choice was me and the pregnancy being terminated or just the pregnancy. I was willing to die but the doctor didn’t give me that choice. I’m still here. The pregnancy was terminated.

Medical issues, including abortions shouldn’t be political issues decided by religion.

Hillary can’t do it alone.  She needs our help and needs our vote.

Anybody Different:  All these folks don’t belong in the same melting pot but when I read my Facebook feed it seems hatred for anyone and everyone who is “different” is on the ballot – hatred for any other religion than Christian, hatred for anyone not white, hatred for anyone who doesn’t declare themselves heterosexual and even hatred for women in general if they don’t support Trump.

I don’t want to “Make America Great Again” if that is code for rolling back the civil rights advances of the last 60+ years that would hurt the people I love.

Hillary cares about my brothers and sisters of color and will champion the end to institutionalized slavery. She will also try to improve education and services to veterans and disabled Americans.

Hillary can’t do it alone.  She needs our help and needs our vote.

I am not voting for Hillary’s vagina, nor am I voting with mine.  I voted for the candidate who cares for the issues that are important to me.  The candidate who just so happens to be my same gender.

Please vote, and let’s remain friends regardless of our vote.

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