15 Prayers to Election Day: Secure in Our Borders

Praise the Lord.

Sing praises to our God!
Allah, you gather the scattered people.

Lord, you heal broken hearts,
nursing our wounds.

Yahweh, you are great and powerful.
There is no limit to our Lord.

God, you give strength to those who aren’t proud and arrogant.

Adonai protects us from evil.

Sing to the Lord with grateful praise.

Our Lord, you are the Champion.
Our strength is artificial compared to your strength.

Lean upon our Protector.

Elohim takes delight in those who respect others.
We put our hope in your faithful love.

Praise the Lord.
Praise God.

God, you keep our borders safe and secure.

We don’t need the artificial security of a wall.

God, your word is known to people of our nation,
Because Allah wrote them on our hearts.
Praise the Lord.

Secure in Adonai’s love in our borders.


Psalm 147

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