#MeToo Reformation

My first husband tried to kill me.  I am here today because a neighbor called the police.

I am Lutheran because my first husband was Lutheran.

I was raised Catholic.

His Lutheran pastor refused to marry us because of the abuse. He advised me to get away before I married my first husband.

My Catholic parents said, “Marry him, the invitations have already been sent. A Catholic priest would never say something so stupid because. God will protect you.”

God tried by getting the limo driver lost on the way to pick me up but my mother drove me to the church- And I was married!

It took me several years to break free of my abusive past and find a loving home to raise my children.

Martin Luther was not a perfect man but I am very thankful for the Reformation 500 years ago.

I am especially thankful for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s position on gender-based violence  and social justice.

I am thankful for a safe place to grow and heal.   We all need a safe place like the Church  when our home, school or work places are not safe.

Recently women around the world, including myself have posted #MeToo to many walls begging for another Reformation for a brave new culture of respect, boundaries, consent and safety.

We all need a safe place.

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  1. bethanyk says:

    So encourage by your strength and honesty. I am so sorry that you were almost killed. Grateful that the neighbor called the police. Grateful you are in a place to heal


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