Trainwreck – Why I Stayed


Sisters of Christ

trainwreckHow does a speeding train blowing its horn, heading in the right direction get derailed?

I was moving forward. I had a job, an apartment, an education and I was in graduate school.

I was “smart enough” to avoid the trap that kept following me home. I knew I didn’t want a relationship. I wasn’t attracted to him.  I didn’t like him.  I thought he was creepy.

I refused to join him in his jail.

I said “No!”

I ignored him.

I was rude.  I was arrogant. I made fun of him.

But he was persistent.

I didn’t know he was abusive but I knew he wasn’t independent. He couldn’t help me.  He didn’t want to help me. And he wouldn’t help me.

But he was persistent.

I was alone.  I let go of my life line before grabbing another. I was working my safety plan without a safety net.  My former counselor was hundreds of…

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